Wednesday, June 17, 2009

poicondai-2.0-noprops now available in the repository

Poicondai-2.0-noprops is sitting happily in the repository section of the website. Complete with a POM… and maven is actually nifty enough that when npdsgmaps references poicondai-2.0-noprops, mvn will read the pom and download all the extra dependencies needed for poicondai in addition to those needed specifically for npdsgmaps.

Simpler… if Project A needs Jar B… but Jar B relies also on jars C, D, and E… maven will read the pom associate with Jar B in the repository and also go fetch C, D, and E, even though C, D, and E, aren't listed as dependencies in Project A's pom file. At least it seems that way from experimentation.

So, if you want to use this jar, you will need to create a properties file with the url, systemuser, system name, and password (look into the poicondai project to see what the filter is filling), but it will possibly make it much easier for people needing to access poison to include this.

More importantly, it got me comfortable with moving things into a non-local repository (also many thanks to Felicia's posts), because I anticipate I will have to move more things into the remote repository for the sake of fixing a RODSA-DAI bug and for people who want to use grid-viewer (it will keep them from having to do a jar hunt like I have so many times).

Now the next step would be finding a cool way to get all the provided jars into the lib container of a webserver. Maybe there is a deploy plugin for that sort of thing.

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