Tuesday, June 2, 2009

new box, old code.

So, today has been a lot of "Try and get the code from the old system onto the new box"

And while it has not been particularly difficult, it has been rather tedious.

Most of the morning has been spent getting SQL Server Management Studio and figuring out that the data export for the CSV's of locational data from Postgres was done in some weird format (IE, dump from the terminal client into a text file) which caused all sorts of padding issues which needed to be repaired, and then updating the data back to the repository.

A lot of the afternoon was spent figuring out that there is a strange M2Eclipse behavior with our projects that keeps installed jars from being found (so, in the eclipse instance I would build gmap-polygon, install it, and then try to build gmap-poly-web, only to have it blow up because it couldn't find gmap-polygon.jar, even though it was installed... and when I did it from the command line, it worked just fine). So that is something I am going to have to debug because really, it is much easier to just right click and get the pretty gui to do it for you.

Another portion of the afternoon was spent fixing a vise-versa error where I thought that a branch was the spot for new code, and not the trunk... thus, I was moving recent code from branch locations back into the trunks (luckily, the eclipse/subclipse SVN browser works rather well for that sort of thing... but sourceforge's SVN is rather slow regardless)

By the end of today, I had some small issue that keeps me from being able to run any cool web-code on this new box:

Gmap-Poly-Web is not set to work with gmap-polygon version 1.1. I either need to upgrade gmap-poly-web to deal with the 1.1 version of gmap-polygon, or I need to download the 1.0 version of gmap-polygon and install it long enough to build gmap-poly-web (I will probably do the latter as gmap-poly-web functionality can be seen in both quicksilver and grid-viewer).

I don't have the username/password tables for poicondai on this box. Thus, I will need to find them and import them before I can log into poicondai.

Finally, AMDSCore has been completely replaced with a new service which will need to be integrated, the main deploy target is going to be having gridviewer working with this new service and thus providing more reliable data pulls.

This, if anything, has illuminated several points where we needed to update our "this is how you get/build/install this software" entries and shown us a few spots where we need to work to make things more automatic and user friendly if we want non-experienced programmers to have an easy time with it.

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