Friday, June 12, 2009

Gridviewer is close

So, I managed to get gridviewer working in a sense last night.

It was pulling data and displaying it Quicksilver style when installed in tomcat and connecting to the GIPSE Globus Service running on a non-secure globus container. In Windows.

Today, I tried to build it for a training deploy when connecting to secure GIPSE Globus service running in a secure tomcat container. I found some more dependencies I needed to add. And then I found out that the GIPSE globus service seemed to be having configuration issues.

Thus, I figure the next best step is to get that GIPSE Globus Service running on a secure tomcat container in Windows... or move development over to my old Ubuntu development box (where I would still have to get the GIPSE service running in Linux). Both would be beneficial and work towards the goal of getting an environment more like the training node.

Otherwise, I hope to get that done relatively soon, and then start focusing on the refactors I have been planning for Grid Viewer but haven't been able to really work on in the attempts to just get something Grid-Viewer-ey completed and working (hopefully correctly).

The other thing that needs to happen is more services. One that is starting development will provide NPDS data in GIPSE form, and we should probably also deploy a smaller GIPSE service some place like Dallas so that we can pretend to have a smaller service that only has data for a few states and/or a few conditions. Multiple services with varying metadata is where Grid Viewer should get most of it's niftiness.


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