Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jar hunt complete

So, I managed to find all the jars that are needed to test (and eventually run) the use of the GIPSE client (at least the metadata portion of it)... and it is a long list pulling from both the CAGrid and globus libs (which thankfully end up in the globus libs). The very long list is in the pom file of the grid viewer project and I plan to post it in more plain text on the wiki tomorrow.

The thing is, I had to hand-install these items into the maven repository... which means that anyone wanting to test or build the gridviewer project at this point would have to do the same... and after setting up a grid-node and the GIPSE service, it is arduous and annoying.

Thus, I am hoping to get most of the jars needed into sourceforge. It was done once before for RODSA-dai already, and it should allow for people to get all the jars needed for testing after a simple property file change (which should be easily scriptable)

Furthermore, I am going to test running grid-viewer from the tomcat-enabled globus container... which should have all the libraries co-located in the lib directory, which will hopefully make it a much easier to install grid-viewer after setting up a tomcat instance.

I'm sure there will need to be some finessing either way.... and will still need to check all this in a secure globus environment and get the data returning in the grid view.

But, it's exciting. Nothing feels more gratifying than seeing your test code come back with something other than "NoClassDefFoundError: "

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