Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Conflicting PostgreSQL drivers

While deploying the AMDSService (soon to be renamed to GIPSEService) to the training node, we noticed this error:
"SET AUTOCOMMIT TO OFF is no longer supported" being thrown by the AMDSService operations.

This was caused because the training node uses PostgreSQL 8.1 yet the globus_database_common package deploys the JDBC driver for PostgreSQL 7.3 (pg73jdbc2.jar). This causes a problem with the way that ibatis handles postgres connections (specifically ibatis turns autocommit off to maximize performance).

The AMDSService includes the postgreSQL 8 driver (postgresql-8.3-604.jdbc3.jar). To get around this error, we removed the 7.3 driver from the training node's Globus and the training node's Tomcat. Globus is happy using the updated driver, AMDSService is happy using the updated driver and RODSA-DAI is still happy using the updated driver.

This is not a problem for WS-Core Globus installs (like our Windows nodes) since WS-Core doesn't include the 7.3 driver.

Something to keep in mind for any Linux PHGrid nodes that use AMDSService is that they will need to remove the 7.3 postgres driver after installing Globus and the AMDSService. (This is accomplished by renaming $GLOBUS_LOCATION\lib\pg73jdbc2.jar to pg73jdbc2.jar.old; then redeploying Globus to tomcat).

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