Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chronicles of NHIN CONNECT, volume 1

For the past few weeks, I have been in the process of becoming an expert in the NHIN CONNECT project. This project contains both the NHIN connect GATEWAY and the NHIN Connect ADAPTER.

The NHIN Connect project is located at and version 2.0 is the current release of the code in question (although 2.1 is supposed to be forthcoming in early July).

While I can now configure a gateway and an adapter in under 1 hour each, there are several 'gotchas' that are not addressed in the documentation. Using the "pre-configured binaries' option (versus install-from-scratch), here are the 'gotchas' so far:

==>Adapter and Connect need different machines. I've tested them on the same one and functionality is mediocre at best. The lab has these set-up nicely on 2 seperate but equal machines.

==>Java is set to allocate 1.2 gb of memory from the start. Don't try this on a machine with less than 1 gb of memory... you want at least 2.

==>OID Registration doesn't work as advertised. Fortunately I haven't needed my OID for internall connectivity but when I connect outside of the lab, I will need this.

==>c:\java is hard-coded as java location. Make sure you install to this location. If you don’t some of the NHIN services break with odd errors. The documentation reflects inaccurate pointers to the java locations. And with _some_ of the application hard-coded with this java location, better safe than sorry.

==>The NHIN documentation says in multiple places that port 9080 is the non-secure port and that 9081 is the secure port. DON'T BELIEVE IT! Port 8181 is the secure port.

Thus concludes volume 1 of the Chronicles of NHIN CONNECT. Stay tuned for updates as the PHGRID <--> NHIN CONNECT interoperability testing continues...


jason.ray said...

good feedback.

You should have much more success with running on a single machine with 2.1 due here in a few weeks. I'd expect that with each release we should be able to trim down the memory footprint.

What problems have you had with the OID registration?

Do you happen to know any of the wrong paths in the documentation - we could fix those up for this upcoming release.

Once you got past the setup, what has your experience been with the actual functionality?

jdell said...

Thanks for your feedback!

The OID registration process on numerous occasions wouldn't complete, regardless of what browser was used.

The path issue is an interesting one. The JAVA location was incorrectly identified in the documentation in a couple of spots. Also, I found that unless I installed Java in "C:\Java" the apps wouldn't function properly. When I had them in "C:\Program Files\Java" They wouldn't run.

Functionality has been medium so far. Once the install is done, there isn't a lot of documentation on what to do other than to fire up the test scripts and run them. All the test scripts require significant modification and I found that the accompanying documentation wasn't adequate to help me get through it. If I were a developer, i may have fared better.

thanks! More to come as the testing continues!

jayray said...
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jason.ray said...

I understand. If you are attending the (free) user conference today/tomorrow, hopefully we will cover the functionality aspect.

Also, I will see what we can do to start getting some documentation at a user/functional level onto the portal.

jdell said...

Jason -

I'd be happy to assist with QA on the next round of documentation is there is time allocated to this. Unfortunately I won't be at the conference today and tomorrow... Which is a shame for a variety of reasons.

Thanks for your feedback! I plan on starting with clean VM's to build version 2.1 whenever that is made available. I'll have more feedback then. I'll also get with you off-line if you are the right person in order to QA/QC however appropriate.

Thanks again!

jason.ray said...

drop me a email jason.ray at-no-spam, and I will see what I can do to get you access to assist with QA on the documentation