Monday, June 1, 2009

BioSense AMDS Service - Beta Release

The AMDS Service for BioSense is now in beta release. Please view details of how to download,configure, build, deploy and use on the service registry page.

You can also download the raw gar from sourceforge. But I recommend getting the source and building with your own configuration.

This service uses the updated 5/31 AMDS draft.

This service is specifically developed to share BioSense aggregate data over PHGrid, but can actually be used for any JDBC data source that wants to be shared using the AMDS spec.

This release is significantly different than the 4/30 alpha release. Specifically we're using Introduce 1.3 (big improvement over 1.2) for service development and configuration management and iBATIS for easy db access / ORM. This release is smaller than the alpha release in size and lines of code so theoretically it will be easier to use. Please let me know any comments. We'll be following the weekly build schedule with a target of July 8 for code freeze.

Update: Tom asked me to explain that we're using iBATIS rather than Hibernate. Both are decent JDBC/ORM frameworks. I chose iBATIS because it has a lighter footprint and I got it working in about 15 minutes. This doesn't mean we won't use Hibernate in the future, but just that we're using iBATIS for now.

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