Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cloud vs Grid Comment

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To further articulate the differences and similarities between the EGEE Grid, Amazon Cloud and the Public Health Grid...

The EGEE Grid service focuses on "short-lived batch-style processing (job execution)". The Public Health Grid has these services available and plan to research and deploy in the future but our current focus is on public health and health specific services.

The Amazon Cloud (and other clouds) service is "long-lived services based on hardware virtualization". The Public Health Grid does have a virtualization appliance, which we ship on DVD, and we are currently researching Grid in the cloud methodologies (University of Utah and Argonne specifically are working in this area).

The Public Health Grid services are long-lived services built using service-oriented architecture (SOA) methodologies and technologies. The team has build the first services: GIPSE, Grid Publisher and Grid Viewer. EAch of these services may be accessed through this web site and downloaded through our open source repository.

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