Tuesday, June 16, 2009

grid-viewer updated and returning data

Yay! Grid-viewer and the Test Biosense GIPSE service have united on the training node to have grid viewer returning data (most of it is in January right now).

I'm happy because it is connecting over a secure connection to get both metadata and data, and it's relatively speedy, and allows me to move on with future plans for grid viewer and how it will behave.

First, I will be working with Chris to get a second GIPSE service testing, which will allow me to finish the server-selection logic (IE, you cannot select servers if the data you are looking for is out of their range. You won't be able to scan the North Carolina AMDS source for results in California or try to scan a BioSense node for Poison-based indicators).

Then, I am going to finish separating the selection bits from the mapping bits... which will require some generification: Right now, because it's based off of quicksilver, the map is expecting a series of states, a series of zip3s in a state, or a series of zip5s in a zip3... while it is already flexible enough to allow only a handful of states as opposed to all of them, I hope to expand it to allow for collections of zip3 (that may cross state borders) or zip5s (that may cross zip3 borders) that don't necessarily have to be related. It should also be possible to select states and zip3's at the same time (but I am not sure if that would be terribly helpful or just confusing).

Finally, I am hoping to allow for cumulative data loads. Thus, you can run one query, and then run another query with different pinpoints, thus you can click and compare the data between the two queries.

In addition to all this and in the process, I am hoping to clean up some of how gmap-polygon behaves so that less data has to be stored in databases and things aren't repeated as often.

It's going to be a lot of work, but I think the end results will be rather nifty, and I'm just happy to have this version all wired together and working so I can move on.

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