Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Data is combining, now to get it caching.

The data is now combining in the data model... and it seems to be doing it correctly.

Now, I am hoping to get a majority of it caching... and instead of trying to write my own caching, I am going to use a caching mechanism suggested by Chris: OSCache from the OpenSymphony project.

It seems to have generic back-end caching with configurable levels of intelligence and persistence (which is all I really needed)... but it also has the most potential for helping on the front end (like request caching: if a request looks like the exact same request that was sent a minute ago, it will return the exact same HTML that was sent back rather than hitting the server) It also allows for better and more fine-grained error handling.

After that, it's some UI clean up, some javascript niftiness, and testing to see if GridViewer will run in the same area as an AMDS service.

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