Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New time series handling.

I have adjusted the time series handling of gmap-polygon and grid-viewer so that regional collections hold multiple time series lists (differentiated by server).

Right now, it seems that it is building, but when you open the flot plot, all the data is somehow being tagged with one date, and it is not immediately apparent where or how that data is being set like that. I think I might have run into this problem before and it might have to do with how Java Calendars increments... I hope to figure it out later today or tomorrow.

Otherwise, after that is finished tomorrow, I will implement the new caching structure we discussed with Brian, and start publishing arrays so that the drop-downs for indicators and classifiers can be dynamically populated (as discussed with Chris).

After that, I am going to start allowing for multiple polygon loading... thus you can do one search, then another, and click and compare graphs. I might also look into making histograms in addition to line charts (that way, one can see the different data brought back by the different servers)

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