Wednesday, June 3, 2009

old code running on new box

A lot of strange issues knocked down, some new ones cropped up.

Issues knocked down:

- Some of the m2eclipse issues: jar projects will find and eat other jar projects just fine, war projects still go "I can't copy this" and give errors that force you to go to the command line where it works just fine.

- Quicksilver, gmap-poly-web showing on my new box: Meaning I got all of the geodata and user data transferred to the new database and connecting okay. I found some rows that got omitted in the transfer, added them, and replaced the CSVs.

- gmap-polygon and gmap-polyweb version 1.0 have been updated to reflect their proper version in their pom files (before they were considered 1.1, not 1.0).

New issues:

- For some reason M2Eclipse will look up maven artifacts in brians version of eclipse, but not the one I installed.

- IE on my dev box is super-duper-secure. Meaning it doesn't like downloading little things like jQuery or google-map javascript IDEs (but I can look at it from other sources of javascript)

- The GIPSE spec, and resulting client, have changed a lot from prior loads. This means lots and lots of code needs to be updated in gridviewer not just to use all the peices, but to reflect all the metadata options and the like.

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