Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GIPSE Loader

I added the top 30 BioSense Sub-Syndromes (as determined by Roseanne and Jerry) to the amds-db project and tested a load using the past 40 days of sub-syndrome RT data. This is increasing the size of the test data set that we use for testing the GIPSE services.

PS- In case you haven't noticed from Tom's massive renaming of all the AMDS-related wiki pages, AMDS has been renamed to Geocoded Interoperable Population Summary Exchange (GIPSE) by the NCPHI Director. So whenever you see GIPSE think AMDS.


Jim Tobias said...

This seems very positive in terms of the emphasis on geocoding. Does this mean that there are possibilities of geocoding address data or will this still largely be at the zipcode or county level ?

Brian Alexander Lee said...

Since GIPSE is summary/aggregate data it wouldn't make sense to geocode down to a specific point based on address data (since you would be sharing patient level data at that point). The initial georegion types are: country, state, county, zip3, zip5. But eventually I would like to see a grid coordinate system based on 1km blocks/hexagons or something.