Thursday, June 18, 2009

grid-viewer now pulls it's library from the phgrid repository

I uploaded the jars that grid-viewer uses to the phgrid repository, and updated the pom file to pull from the repositories.

So now, instead of having to track down the various files from globus, amds service, and introduce... and then install them into the local repository... one can just type "maven package" and maven will download the files.

I think this will help me a lot, and now that several people are using my code I am hoping it will help them a lot.

The one thing that will still need to be written up is that some of the files (all the ones specified by "provided" in the POM file) will need to be copied into the web containers shared lib directory. I am debating whether it will be more useful to change them from provided to default (meaning they will be included in the war) so long as whoever is trying to set-up grid-viewer isn't trying to use multiple grid-viewers (or other things that will be using the secure globus libraries), it should work.

Otherwise, I have made some minor changes to grid viewer, but I'm planning to make some progress to gridviewer behavior and and performance tomorrow and next week.

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