Wednesday, June 10, 2009

building! testing! Deploying?

So, I got a list of the jars (which can be found in the $GLOBUS_LOCATION$\lib directory after an introduce install) which grid-viewer now needs to run the GIPSE client:

axis.jar (this has to be the version that is shipped with globus)
jce-jdk13.jar (and this one seems to have those pesky security libs)
puretls (*for secure access*)
cryptix32 (*for secure access*)
cryptix-asn1 (*for secure access*)

These are stored in my private repository and downloaded by maven because they are classified as "provided" in the POM (which means they are needed for compilation and testing, but will be provided in the classpath when the war is installed). Thus, I copied them all over to the tomcat/commons/lib directory.

Initial attempts seem to be resulting in NoClassDefFound errors. So it seems there may be a few jars needed still in tomcat alone... or that tomcat is not properly loading the jars in the common space (and that might be the case, I remember RODSA-DAI having issues running in tomcat becuse of library/classpath issues).

Either way, I am hoping to get it sorted out early tomorrow, have it returning data to the map. Then I want to get it tested on a secure-globus environment (in case some more security libraries are needed and to make sure that it plays nice with other secure clients like RODSA-DAI), and then I'll be ready to continue with the refactors.

Right now, the main refactorings have to do with shifting from a "state, zip3, zip5" paradigm to a "region" paradigm. This should allow for showing zip3s and zip5s and states all on the same map. A complimentary paradigm shift will be allowing multiple loads on one map (load one query with one set of pushpins, load another query with another set of pushpins... so you can click both sets of pushpins and compare data from two queries on the same map). All with more services and more realtime options.

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