Monday, June 1, 2009

New box!

So, a large portion of today was spent moving from the Linux development station I am used-to to a new Windows development station I am not-as-used-to.

Some of the things were easier to set up. The biggest help was being able to share other windows development boxes and being able to nab their already-downloaded copies of Java, eclipse, and Globus-ws core files. The setup for globus also seems to be a lot snappier in Windows (but at the same time, I am doing a much less involved install, and this isn't the first time I've done it).

Otherwise, I was able to build and run the client from the AMDS Service that was pulled over from another computer. Now I need to build and run the client from a fresh client downloaded from SVN and configured myself... so I anticipate a few "I am not sure what this property is" issues, but then it will be configuring the client, building the jars that grid viewer needs on my box (gmap-polygon) and figuring out what is needed between those steps.

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