Thursday, June 12, 2008

Test cases for Globus GridFTP

First draft of Test cases for Secure Reliable Grid Messaging

Here's how we plan to proceed

A couple of days ago, a blog entry was made about Vbrowser. I had a chance to go through some documentation. It does provide pretty neat GUI to test the Grid messaging system. At present, PHINMS provides
* Encryption
* Authentication
* Transport

So these are the test cases we'll be looking to test while doing transfer of some data files
1) The transfer must support Grid Security infrastructure and authentication
2) Test authenticated third party data transfers(between Dallas and Tarrant) among two nodes controlled by third node (SUSE)
3) Test authenticated data transfers between 2 nodes ( SUSE and Dallas)
4) Check for support of reliable and restartable data transfer (by bringing down a node during transfer)

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Brian Alexander Lee said...

We also need to test end to end encryption of the payload being transferred.