Monday, June 23, 2008

medLEE NLP Grid Service Progress

Dr. Albert Lai of Columbia CoE, on June 18, wrote...
Yes, we were able to develop a functioning wrapper service for MedLEE. We
ended up wrapping a batch job version of MedLEE instead of the client
server version.

We used Introduce, a piece of software developed by Shannon, which created
most of the stubs necessary to deploy software onto the grid. However,
since this used the Java core of Globus and not the C core currently being
used in the PHGrid efforts.

This leaves the current service unsecured. One of the steps we still need
to do is to somehow figure out how to integrate the certificates and all of
the authentication/authorization into the Java core.

There were a number of problems launching MedLEE from Java. However, I
have hacked together a (suboptimal) solution to make it run. There are
some other limitations of the version that we have put together, but it
seems to be sufficient for any demo needs. Right now, we package files and
transfer them to the server in a way that would limit the size of the data
transfer to available memory of the process as it is my understanding that
the files are serialized and then transferred. There are also some other
specific options that we currently do not support via the grid.


Now we just need to work on getting the grid service deployed on the public health research grid.

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