Monday, June 9, 2008

JUnit and Use Cases

Today I spent some time researching how JUnit works (JUnit is the preferred testing framework of maven, which is nice, considering that whenever you build to deploy, it will run the test cases and let you know if something you adjusted or refactored broke).

The next thing I did was to start drawing out the application by the top-level use cases (the use cases will derive test cases which will derive code). The apps I build for the RODS interface will basically be an extension of OGSA-DAI's discovery and query algorythms. A server list stored in a properties file (which can later be upgraded to a database of some sort) will be used to pull up the appropriate server (by key) and the default Ogsa-Dai data resource to hit on that server... the query gets passed on, and then the specialized class structure gets returned.

Now I am thinking of the smaller cases and how all the classes will break out around each other. After that I'll start actually modifying OGSA-DAI example classes and writing wrapper classes and interfaces (and their test cases). Right now I just want to get it all on paper so I have a good reference for which peice I am working on and where it fits.

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