Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Maven and it's lovely repository

So, I spent a good part of the day paring down how many libraries my example client code actually needed from globus and ogsadai respectively. The list dropped from 40 to about 8.

Then I spent a lot of time putting one of those 8 into the local maven repository in a way that maven seems to recognize... and adjusting the pom file to point to it as a dependency. I hit "mvn package" (ie. compile) and I got a long, thoughtful message about how the dependency wasn't found and how I can add a file with the helpful "mvn install:install-file" command. They also had a "mvn deploy" command for deploying code to a commonly owned repository... showing that deploying to a central and accessible location is

Then proceeded to add all 8 files in about 30 minutes, along with dependencies to the pom file, and then ran mvn compile successfully.

I am really beginning to like maven!

Tomorrow, I am going to put some of the interface and repository plans for the RODS<->OD interface to paper... perhaps start some of the code for simple things like resource discovery. Then, I will test to see whether the jar produced runs properly when put into the proper environment... then I will start reading up on where to put the JSP files. I will also make an eclipse project file and import it into eclipse.

There is also a meeting to discuss package layouts and plans and the like. I am looking forward to it.

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