Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More code and a teensy unit test

After talking with Dr. Espino some more via IM, I showed him some of the code he entered and he updated the files for the time series and the spatial series.

I also created a factory for loading the test property updated a starting properties file and wrote a test-case that checks the properties file is loaded and that a simple test property shows up. Tomorrow I will load the property parsing and serverList building, and then it is onto the modifications of the GTSecureClient from Ogsadai.

I checked in all the new stuff, and for those of you looking for the rods-test directory... it is, but you will have to email Jeremy Espino for Access.

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Brian Alexander Lee said...

I get a 404 File Not Found with your link to the repository. I think the link should be with https ( - which gives me a login prompt).