Thursday, June 12, 2008

Now loading server lists from properties files

I hunkered down to do some serious coding of Rodsadai, and I managed to learn a lot more about how maven likes to test things. The most important thing being this: if you are running a test, the properties files (and any other resources you put under the resource or META-INF directory) apparently need to be duplicated in a resource directory under the test peice too.

It makes sense when you think about it, that way you can put in test data you know is there and not risk the configurable data being changed or having reserved names just for the sake of testing, but it was one of those painful "what is going on!?" types of learning.

That being said, the RODSAdai class can now load a server list from the properties file in the format I laid out. Tomorrow, comes the setting up of the rods database, and architecting of how GTSecureClient will be modified to best pass to TimeSeries and SpatialSeries.

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