Monday, June 9, 2008

A possible GUI to the grid...VBrowser (very cool)

At this past HealthGrid conference, I had the fortune to moderate a presentation by Silvia D. Olabarriaga, PhD, from the University of Amsterdam. Among other things, she presented issues around the use of the tool - VBrowser.

What's so great about Vbrowser? It is very elegant, and may provide our team with an open-source solution to a key requirement for the Public Health Informatics Research Grid - a robust and intuitive GUI interface to work with Grid services- both local and remote. VBrowser is part of the VL-e Toolkit.

The VL-e Toolkit (VLET) is intended to assimilate all useful tools developed in the VL-e project in a structured Software Development Environment (SDE). The main development platforms are Java 1.5 and the Globus Toolkit 4.0. (Also Eclipse is recommended as main IDE). All software developed in this project is compatible with these platforms.

Keep in mind that there are other initiatives: P-GRADE, g-Eclipse, Gridbus, and virolab.

Release Information
Download from gforge

Hope you all find this of inerest!

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