Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spatial Series despite ambivalence

Today I put some thoughts down on creating a research-only node housed in places like developer's spare rooms... to be completely heuristic but also serve as a place to work on things when the CDC lab was inaccessible. I also found that the Ubuntu Globus node was corrupted for whatever reason (I think it was trying to get an independant MySQL server and VDT-installed globus to co-exist) so I started the process on creating a new node to rebuild and then transition-to.

I also crafted out how a spatial series could be loaded based on HL7 Table data and some of the constraints that would have to be defined (column order/naming, whether certain values were going to be parsed from the query, etc)

Tomorrow I am hoping I get some sample queries, test my spatial series processors, write a time series processor, and get some feedback on the constraints I have thought up (and how to make them flexible using properties)

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