Thursday, June 26, 2008

File Transfer on the grid

Today, with the help of Dan we tried to recreate some functionality which the grid promises. It would be safe to say, we got pretty acceptable results. First we tried to transfer a file >100mb over the grid using just normal gridftp, it went through fine. The next step was to test the reliable file transfer. The way we decided to check the reliability was to power down one node while the file was transferring (to simulate a test case scenario). So Dan started the transfer, pulled the cord out for a minute and as soon as he plugged it back in, voila, it resumed as if nothing happened. Another thing, Dan informed me about was, that the timeout can be set by us as to how long we want to leave the file in the queue before it terminates the transfer. Right now it's set to 60 minutes, so we decided to increase the time and Dan will pull the cord before he leaves and plug it back in tomorrow morning. Now that would be a real extreme test of one facet of reliability. Another thing which we noticed was that upon powering back the node, it did not ask us to whether we want to resume or not, it just picked up automatically, which works for us because that ensures that as a user, once the transfer starts, you don't have to monitor whether the file reached or not and I am assuming that's the way PHINMS functions too.
Currently I am working on creating a test case document, to record all these cases and to outline what all are we going to achieve based on the requirements laid down by the project charter.

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