Monday, June 2, 2008

NPCHI GRID Research: Value to DiSTRIBuTE

I presented to members of the DiSTRIBuTE initiative at the Markle Foundation in NYC.  Key points that were made during the presentation:

Steps to join the PHI Research Grid:

Installation of Globus Toolkit (Software) on Linux Operating System (Installation on Operating System Virtual

Machine (e.g., VMWare)).  Required time- 30-45 Minutes

NCPHI Digital Certificate installation

Opening specific ports on existing firewall  (24 hours - 24 days - depending on existing local policy)

Validate connection via Grid FTP

(ta da!)

Advantages of the grid:  

Non-centralization of data

Data can remain on local node

Grid FTP (multipoint)

Access to non-centralized Grid services:  

All nodes have the capability to run distributed analytics (customized) on demand

e.g., decentralize and open a DiSTRIBuTE analytics service 

Advantages in eventually leveraging Grid:

Implementation of Additional Use Cases

Extensibility & Flexibility

Can leverage the use of Intelligent Agents

Afford new degrees of redundancy

In DiSTRIBuTE connecting to overall public health grid

Can put DiSTRIBuTE services on overall grid

Can leverage other services and data on overall grid for DiSTRIBuTE 

Can develop a “DiSTRIBuTE summary data processing service” on grid

Significantly accelerate the growth of the DiSTRIBuTE network

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