Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tagging Posts by Proof of Concept Project

During today's PHGrid call, someone suggested (I cannot remember who precicely) that we add tags for each of the Proof of Concept Projects running through the summer. This will allow a reader to quickly filter and sort posts by the area they are interested in. Some posters are already tagging their writings to allow for this. I want to propose the following tags that writers will assign whenever they write regarding a PoC:

  • Grid PoC Phase II PoC- CoE PoC

  • Secure Reliable Grid Messaging- SRGM PoC

  • Leveraging Grid to Enhance Biosurveillance Capacity - GBC PoC

I've linked to the searches in the list above. In the future you can click on these tags to search for posts specific to a PoC project.

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