Thursday, June 26, 2008

13 new jars

So... 13 new jars were added to the RODSAdai project in order to get the simple client test working (as opposed to just compiling). 2 of them were extra Ogsadai jars... and the other 11 were based in globus, and it took me all day to ferret them out.

I tried deploying the jars to our repository, but it seems that sourceforge doesn't like something because I kept getting 405 (method not allowed) errors, thus I have sent an email to Anurag to start the process with him since he set up the repository initially...

The other reason I sent him the jars and dependency info is because my main workstation is in the process of being cloned and I wanted to make an email-based backup.

Tomorrow will most likely be spent creating a working Ubuntu globus node, as my current one got corrupted.

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