Monday, July 28, 2008

Therapeutics Research and Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Tom, Ken and I had a productive call with Jeff Brown, Richard Platt, Roseanne Kue and Suzan Mitchell from the Harvard CoE regarding using grid technology and the research grid with their current process for running SAS code against various SAS data sets.

Currently, SAS programs are emailed to data sources who modify the SAS code, run it and email back the results. The idea is to use grid to send jobs using Globus that will run a SAS script on a Globus node and return the results. This is a big benefit to public health by immediately simplifying the workflow to take out email and manual modification of SAS using Glbus. The real big benefit is that it allows for remote analysis of data sets across remote data sets. No more copying over data sets to epis so they can use the data for research.

Some specific points we covered is that Harvard's timeline is to demonstrate at least 4 nodes running a script and returning the results by January, 2009.

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