Friday, July 11, 2008

Still having trouble with Secure Access client

Today was more trying to get secure tomcat working using this guide:

I did not have much luck.

Dr. Espino has been talking to some people who have gotten tomcat clients to access secure grid webservices... and it seems that we are on the right track looking for ways to get the validation path working. So there is hope, and he will probably be tinkering with getting secure clients to work as well.

Otherwise, I have also been researching portal software, things like gridsphere which are designed to handle all the grid authentication mess complete with update grid cert files. It seems to be the toolkit that PURSe operates from, so I will ask Dan more about it since he was researching PURSe a while ago.

A portal to handle SSO and user accounts (including background process accounts) will probably end up being essential for maintaining secure access on steady-state servers that poll constantly or for long-running queries or sweeps... then we don't have to extend proxy deadlines to unreasonable levels for processes that will take a lot of time or run indefinetely.

Otherwise, Anurag got access to the lab today. I got to show him the summary of what I have been doing and chat with him through something other than a phone.

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