Friday, July 4, 2008

Teleconferences with collaborators

Tom, Ken and I talked with Ron Price from the University of Utah yesterday about the CoE activities. Ron has a non-secured service that we can start testing on Monday.

Utah is using many of the caBIG/caGrid grid components for security management and service development. Specifically they're using Introduce to speed up service development and GAARDS to work with security management.

Dan is starting to research GAARDS and how that can help with the security infrastructure of the PHIRG. We're going to start looking into Introduce for test/sample services.

Tom, Ken and I also spoke with the team at Ohio State that is responsible to the bulk of the caBIG infrastructure (including GAARDS and Introduce) and they were extremely helpful and open to collaboration. They also pointed us to a caGrid bulk data transfer service that uses web services and HTTPS to secure transfer large files and data sets.

So the PHIRG team has a lot of links to follow. Fortunately we have some deep expertise available to help with the tough questions.

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