Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lots of stuff done, lots of stuff to do.

Things completed:
  • Confirmed that secure Ogsa-dai was working on the new 205 box. Many thanks to Dan for his help and awesomeness.
  • Have pulled the current RODSAdai files over to the 205 box, and linked the 205 box's maven to the repository, showing that I can recreate all the dev code and have it building in about 5 minutes in a new environment... and that is so cool.
  • Got the HL7_ADTS table on the 205 box.

Things to be done now:

  • Implement the secureClient for RODSAdai
  • Document
  • Expand tests to deal with time and spatial series data.
  • Work with Jeremy on integrating with RODS and getting the security to work with tomcat.

Cheers, Things seems to be rolling along nicely, have a good 4th of July weekend!

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