Monday, July 21, 2008

RODSAdai on Jboss Worked!

So, this morning I finished up installing JBoss-4.2.2, got it running and then transferred over the Rodsadai-war from the maven target directory into the JBoss deploy directory.

Then, I went to the server endpoint, and tried running my little test JSP. And it worked! As simple as that. It didn't throw errors, it didn't say anything about failed path building, it just ran and gave me the output I wanted when I first tried all this Thursday week before last. So now I know it works and can start being integrated with RODS.

The downside of this, is that it's yet another server. Fortunately, I talked to Jeremy and he already had RODS running in a few JBoss instances, so it will not be an obstruction of his coding plans to say "this needs to run in JBoss to work"... going "RODS needs to become a gridsphere portlet" would be much less palatable. It might require some musical ports if tomcat and jboss need to run on the same server, but honestly the secure OGSA-DAI we are running would be in the globus container and not in tomcat, and other tomcat applications can run on the tomcat within jboss.

That doesn't mean I didn't spend a lot of time today trying to get tomcat to work securely based on how JBoss' tomcat did it. It appears that JBoss' tomcat uses an entirely different realm, passing itself to the security engine that JBoss manages. I tried pulling jars from JBoss into standalone tomcat and adjusting the realm and started getting all sorts of "hey, you're trying to run me outside of JBoss type errors and library failures."

Maybe Globus already has some sort of realm tweak you can perform for tomcat that makes it point to the globus container and security manager. Maybe one can be designed. Then again, maybe saying "it needs to run in JBoss" won't be a fatal problem.

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