Thursday, July 10, 2008

RODSAdai Webapp not able to find certification path

Today was pretty much all day trying to hammer against tomcat and getting it to recognize the globus certificates for clients... and I have no idea where such things are controlled within tomcat, and the things I tried didn't fix the problem.

Thus, the "the secure client won't run through tomcat" problem is back, and I still am not sure how to tell tomcat "use these keystores that exist within globus when invoking this client which connects to a secure globus server". The error that is thrown is the familiar "unable to find certification path"

I really have two problems: The first is that I have no idea how to get tomcat to use a keystore other than the default java one for client programs. Ideally it should be made-to pick up the certificates and look up the proxies like the command line clients... something about the tomcat container prevents security policies from being overwritten in the same way they are within the command line clients.

The second problem is that there is tons of stuff written about how to enable tomcat as a secure ogsadai/wsrf server, and it is blocking out google searches of how to enable tomcat to run secure clients which access other globus/wsrf servers with things other than the default keystore.

I have tried several things which haven't worked:

1. Moving client-config.wsdd into the WEB-INF/classes/ directory of the web-app.
2. Modifying server.xml in [tomcat-root]/conf to use the globus certificates for secure access as described by this website: '' and it was really more of an old way of setting up some sort of globus ws server with an old version of globus.
3. importing cog-tomcat.jar into the libs directory (of the webapp and the server), after finding that cog-tomcat seemed to hold several of the security handlers...

I am out of ideas at the moment... Dr. Jeremy Espino is working on setting up his globus/ogsadai environment and then he'll tinker with it too.

I figure there is a workaround to write clients that explicitely invoke the globus security elements... but I imagine I will have to pore over acres of ogsa-dai and wsrf source code to set such things up and any resulting code might be locked to very specific versions of ogsadai and/or globus.

I just feel like there is some "oh, you just set this property in the config file for the webapp" thing I don't know exists... I just have no idea where that is and my attempts to look for it keep getting flushed out by examples showing me how to enable https on port 8443.

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