Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New repository, building test code, and RODSAdai webapp is lining up

So... Dr. Jeremy Espino helped me get a LOT of stuff done today with RODSAdai.

First off, he had some shell scripts and a repository that is more amenable to deployment... so he just took all the suggested associated jars for ogsadai and put them in that repository... adjusted the pom to point to them, and committed the change.

This basically saved me from having to do a jar hunt, and saved Anurag from having to update our persnickety sourceforge repository.

That being done... I tried to do an mvn package... and it worked this time! So the new jars during packaging are now curing the "but it works fine in the ogsadai directory" problem. I can run secure queries in tests, and have them pass. Thus, I have written some more unit tests and have committed them.

The next thing Jeremy did is build a web project for RODSAdai called RODSAdai-web. I have written (but haven't had a chance to test yet, that will be tomorrow) a little JSP that will essentially call rodsadai, run a method that runs a query, and return the resulting spatial/time series.

Jeremy also set up the dependency to the jar that is built by the RODSAdai project... which includes all the libraries that RODSAdai needs. Hopefully, the inclusion of the jars that made the secure query operate from the junit test framework will also allow the test to operate within tomcat. If it does, then we will basically have a footprint for any jsp-container based ogsa-dai client.

So yeah, tomorrow are the tests... and since we have reached a bunch of milestones in a short time, I am going to start the haltingly-updated, rarely revised "If I get hit by a bus" guide document that should help anyone else who needs to set up RODSAdai do so within a day

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