Tuesday, July 8, 2008

RODSAdai secure access from in the test context

Today I ran into the familiar syndrome... lovingly known as "But it works in the ogsadai directory".

So, secure access of the RODS database does work from the ogsadai directory... which has a setenv.sh file that sets the java classpath up with all sorts of jars and property files from globus and ogsadai.

However, when I try to make a secure call from a test context... I get the dreaded error of "unable to find valid certification path to requested target".. I am pretty sure this means that I need to include some more jars from the globus context, hopefully those jars will have something that imports the globus security infrastructure. If it does, then it might very well be included in the war file that eventually gets moved to tomcat and it will solve the "secure access doesn't work from tomcat" problem.

Many thanks to Dr. Jeremy for helping me get over my vacillations on what to try next. My next step will be to get the test for secure access running. Then I will start working on getting these clients called securely from within tomcat. Dr. Espino pointed out that everything should test and pass before moving on to other projects/discoveries... and if it's going to take some painful jar hunting to get it working, then so be it.

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