Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lab (Re)Engagement

Tom Savel, Dan and I met yesterday with the NCPHI Lab management team to review the resources needed for the three Proof of Concept projects. The lab management team approved the activities and are working on allocating and configuring the additional resources for the 3 PoCs.

This means that we can begin to reinvestigate using VM appliances for distribution as PHGrid nodes. In the past, an exception was made to allow a single VM appliance to be used, but now the lab team is able to support using VM appliances for additional nodes.

Related to the lab engagement is that the WS-RM portions of the Secure Reliable Grid Messaging PoC will not be posted directly to the blog/sourceforge/wiki until they are approved by the Gautam Kesarinath, the NCPHI project steward responsible for the WS-RM portion of the PoC.

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