Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Questions to GridFTP guys

After having a discussion today with Vaughn, these are some of the questions we agreed on to ask to GridFTP guys, pertaining to OCISO guidelines.
* What are they using for payload level encryption as in right now, we do double encryption i.e. we encrypt data first then place it in the PHINMS queue where there is transport level encryption. Taking the same scenario, we know that for transport level, encryption is achieved through SSL however what is used for encryption before that. Now that could be outside the scope of GriFTP however its worth talking to them as to whether they have been involved in similar initiative like that.

* At present, PHINMS works through Request / Acknowledgement. Now RFT helps us in achieve the similar funtionality in terms of the fact that we can track the status of transfer as in Active/Pending/retrying/completed. So in this case, if they can provide us with some transactional diagram, sequence diagram which can help us explain this in our documentation

* What version of SSL is being used.

* What metadata fields can be configured

* As far as tranmission integrity is concerned,
GridFTP is built as an extension of FTP which uses TCP/IP protocol for data transmission. Since TCP uses a checksum computed over the whole packet to verify that the protocol header and the data in each received packet have not been corrupted, this ensures data integrity on the whole packet. We can reconfirm with them on that.

Next step would be to set up a call with GridFTP to discuss that.

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