Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Portals, they have all that cert management, but will they wrap a JSP easily?

I had some more discussions with some of the folks at OGSADAI and Pitt, In addition to some reviews with Brian. After some more eyes and some more cryptic errors, it looks like a portal might be the quick solution for getting all of the security managed.

The benefits include the ability to easily set up authentication and authorization schemes on the user end... and tie them into the authentication and (eventually) authorization schemes in the globus grid. It would also tie in easily with applications like PURSe.

The drawback is that RODSAdai and RODS might have to be modified to deal with the portal... especially things like P-Grade which is more focused on workflow registry and execution.

Right now the frontrunner looks like Gridsphere, but we are also thinking of other things to try (attached debugging of the web project) to see if we can get secure tomcat clients working.

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