Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gridsphere less promising, but what about JBoss

Well, I sent an email out to the globus user mailing list (at least I think I did, I'll have to check that later when I get home)... but I am stumped as to things to try with getting this client to run in tomcat.

Gridsphere, well first I think I installed the wrong version of it, as the newest Gridsphere doesn't seem to have grid portlets, but they might install, I will try that tomorrow.

Otherwise, I am going to try building and running RODSAdai out of JBoss... Dr. Espino indicated he has RODS running in JBoss (which makes it more ideal, should it work, than "some portal" which RODS would probably have to be re-engineered to use) and it seems to be a bit more heavyweight as an application server and might be able to deal with certification specification and security configurations (and may even have a shiny gui).

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