Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Progress on SRGM and call with GridFTP guys

We had a productive call with the GridFTP guys (Raj, to be specific) and they were extremely helpful and prompt in responding. The couple of questions posed to them were
1) Was there any way they were achieving encryption for the payload before putting it on the transport layer. Raj told us about Globus XIO Driver which can extended to do so. However since it not an inbuilt feature, we have decided to go with the same encryption used by PHINMS, with the help of Vaughn, since that algorithm is already approved by CDC standards. This will help us satisfy the test case 4G and 4I

2) Raj also provided us a transactional flow diagram for RFT to which some more details need to be added. I will be calling Raj to get more of that information

Also, it came to light that the version of Globus installed and our nodes is 4.0.5 whereas they have already rolled out 4.2. Now 4.2 already contains inbuilt persistent storage which can maintain the state of files being transferred through RFT. Dan mentioned that an upgrade of the toolkit version is on the agenda which will definitely help our case.

Right now the test case left, which Vaughn and Dan are working on, entails installation of PHINMS digital certificate on the node and then doing file transfer, details of which are in the blog post below.

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