Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daily Lab / POC Activities


  • We are currently having a T1 installed in the NCPHI lab. This is causing port issues on the previous NCPHI grid node in the 50000 to 51000 port range. The NCPHI grid node's internal and external IP address will be changing once the connection goes live. Chris is working on remapping the Globus ports to the new IP address. For the time being, we are asking the new sites to test GridFTP with Dallas instead of the NCPHI node.
  • Columbia was able to perform a successful GridFTP file transfer with the Dallas node. Columbia was also able to receive data from NCPHI, but was not able to send data to NCPHI due to firewall issues on the NCPHI side.
  • Washington was issued new certificates and attempted a GridFTP transfer with NCPHI that resulted in failure. (NCPHI firewall issues) I sent new test instructions to Washington so they can run a GridFTP test on the Dallas server. This test should happen sometime today.

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