Friday, May 30, 2008

Syndrome Definition Discussion (Food for Thought & Discussion)

HARVARD ESP Program / U. of Pittsburgh / NCPHI Lab

Brian Lee wrote,

I mentioned the Harvard ESP CoE project's need for syndrome definition to Jeremy Espino during our call this morning. Jeremy told me about an effort that Wendy Chapman, also from Pitt, is working on to develop syndrome definitions with participation across the US, Japan and Canada.

Jeremy explained that there can't really be one set of definitions for everyone to use. There is really a need for a definition repository and then programs can pick what they are using to define syndromes.

So it looks like there will be multiple choices that Ross Lazarus (Harvard) can pick from to classify his signs and symptoms into syndromes. I don't know how he can pick the "best" one, but there are others working on the same problem.

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John Stinn said...

This does speak to CDC's desire to have "my analysis" run on "your data". If I think my classifier is better than yours, or if I think your classifier is better than what I am using, then the user can invoke such services for their own volition. Getting into what's better or worse is probably not a good use of time; perhaps being able to extend classifiers for new things (e.g. potential Hospital Acquired Infections) would be quite interesting.