Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To do: stop breaking globus' database

So, while trying to do secure queries using globus... I found that globus wasn't working on several (well, any) of the test nodes we are using.

I also noticed that I tinkered with the MySQL databases running crucial parts of the globus software... I am not sure I managed to mess up the nodes, but it is quite likely I didn't help things.

Otherwise, it bought up a very important point, I should probably not be trying to use databases on the same server running globus, but databases running on separate VMs... as all the scenarios for phgrid deployment in my mind seem to focus on having the grid node running globus be separate from the database server(s).

Thus, Using separate VMs will better simulate what an actual grid will look like, and help us realize whether remote subnet access is something easy to configure... and better portray a wide range of databases and authentication schemes... since there won't be an ability to go "connect to the database on localhost" which implies a large amount of trust.

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Ken said...

I concur wholeheartedly!