Thursday, May 1, 2008

That's one JSP down

This morning was wonderful, Alastair of the OGSA-DAI project helped me get the log4j configured properly in tomcat, and then I was able to view logs and discover the nature of the errors. With that, I got the first JSP running (a simple extension of the existing SQLClient example class). The rest of today was spent modifying the JSP and the attached classes to be more HTML friendly, and now I am trying to make the inputs dynamic (so you can type in the query you want to try and select the resource you are polling and select the URL of the box you wish to query)

After dynamic inputs, I will want to start the dynamic population of inputs... so that the client queries the grid to figure out the OD resources at a given node... and on a separate front, I will start looking at trying to dynamically select from multiple sources at once.

Another thing that was discussed today was how to implement distributed Natural Language Processing using Globus and it's tools. There was lots of discussions of Apache AXIS and OPAL and which might be a better "wrap this interface and make a set of WS code ready to deploy to a container" tool... One of the notable quotes brought up during this was that "Web services are pretty much the Rube Goldberg devices of the Internet."

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