Thursday, May 22, 2008

Notes from University of Utah (Thanks Ron Price)

RAVI (used to be named gravey) is the best tool I know of to create grid services:

The GT4 book is the best reference I know on grid service development:

Here's some tools and comments on GSI management tools:
I think many projects use just myproxy and some user PURSe, but there are a couple of others some of which escape my mind at the moment and some of which are listed here:

A note on CAs: Previously I wrote something called DigitalSherpa (a custom extenstion of WS-GRAM) and during this project we realized that it was very beneficial to offload certificate management on to a more formal CA. This lessened the the amount of certificate management we had to do and allowed us to interact with more grid resources because are certs now came from . A huge problem with setting up your own CA is that no one else will trust it and this may or may not be a problem.
Also here is an interesting link:

Here's the GT4 best practices for grid service development:

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