Thursday, May 29, 2008

Future Medicus Node @ University of Chicago

Nigel Parsad wrote, is a little update. Dan, VDT's Globus install and your rapid certificate authorization worked as advertised. Really a fantastic time saver! I mentioned to Dan, I have the medicus code and old install info...I pointed Dan to what I have. I've installed what I could it but now have to configure a gateway and test it.

...I am in the midst of setting up a PACS server on a machine in our lab. Once done, I want to be able to test Medicus's ability to do basic DIMSE-C services (e.g. query, store, and retrieve medical images on a basic level.

...If this succeeds (and I should know by tomorrow), I can test Medicus's SSP functionality between a PACS server and an SSP as well as a PACS client and an SSP utilizing DGIS. Actually, I'd just be happy with a DGIS Gateway but why stop now ....

...I need to go through these steps to better understand what Medicus can do. If I am reinventing the wheel, let me know - I need to reinvent it anyway for my own edification but still, any pointers are most appreciated!

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