Friday, May 16, 2008

Secure access

I have now converted the Secure access client provided by OGSA-DAI to output in HTML and play through the JSP page.

My next step is to build it into a suite of JSP code that will actually manage things like grid-proxy creation and server list configuration... but it's neat that I can query databases on other computers via secure means using grid certificates. Now to just make easily deployable archives using Mavis.

Dr. Tom Saville also introduced us to another Grid developer who seemed to have bundled most of the Grid and OGSA-DAI code into a single deployable (InstallShield) archive. He also brought up a lot of the issues of potentially storing contented data when we were discussing distributed issues.

I tried to get things synced via SVN with RODS, and I don't think Eclipse likes the way SVN stores things... that or I have no idea the best way to pull in projects (very likely). I am going to look into IntelliJ IDEA because it seems to be much smoother about syncing with SVN Repositories. Otherwise, lots of ideas still spinning in my head.

Have a good weekend!

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