Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A thousand little libraries.

I am, I think, very close to getting the first of several little JSP applications working, but two things keep holding me back...

The first is that I keep getting cryptic OD errors and for some reason my setup is immune to logging... and the second is that I cannot try and debug using my favorite IDE (Eclipse) because it just seems to not want to run any OD queries from the workspace.

In both cases I get cryptic errors which seem like "Ogsa-dai-" followed by a timestamp.. which are thoroughly unhelpful.

I am guessing this all boils down to some sort of classpath error, libraries not being found somewhere... especially because all this code seems to work but only from one directory and only from the command line. If I try and run a modified class that worked perfectly from one directory in the servlet engine or eclipse... *bam* cryptic error.

I am going to have to sit with the Edinburgh guys for some insights methinks.


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