Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Variable JSP

Friday was interesting, the internet was upgraded in the lab and unfortunately that meant all the IP addresses needed to be changed.

Ubuntu does not gracefully handle an IP change... at least not one that is rigged to run VDT installed Globus. The main issue seems to be with MySQL and PostgreSQL, which are configured strangely on ubuntu... and are causing all sorts of connection havoc.

But, I moved a bunch of the code I was working on to a Suse server, got the JSP running again, and now have the ability to pass in different queries. My next set of plans is to get the OpenMRS dataset onto the Suse server and then allow for different pulls from different databases... after that I want to implement a resource discovery subroutine that will work to populate the available resources of a given OGSA-DAI instance.

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